Hotspots Tavira Portugal: find restaurants, shops, nightlife, car rental and art galleries in Tavira and Tavira Island.


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Tavira hotspots

Tavira is an old Moorish seaside town located in the eastern part of the Algarve, it is approximately 30 kilometres east of Faro and 25 kilometres west of the Spanish border. The river Gilao is flowing through the centre of Tavira and end up in waterways and mudflats of the Ria Formosa National Park. A few 100 metres off the coast of Tavira Town lies Tavira Island. This part of the Algarve provides visitors with a more authentic Portuguese experience, it is less touristic.

This old town was destroyed during the earthquake of 1755, like most buildings and areas in the Algarve. But today this restored town, with its many fine 18th-century and older buildings, is a popular tourist destination. Explore the many historic buildings and traditional Portuguese architecture, decorative churches, charming plazas and pretty cobbled streets. Tavira has many shops, boutiques and restaurants/ cafes.

Today Tavira changes into a modern destination by building new shopping centres, golf courses and many high rise developments.

Tavira and Tavira Island are a great destinations for beach holidays. These beautiful beaches are some of the least developed of the Algarve and are protected by the Ria Formosa Nature Park.

This website, hotelsintavira.com & taviraisland.com will provide an introduction to Tavira and Tavira Island, popular destinations in southern Portugal.

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